Our Company

Our Company

At First Wireless, Inc., we specialize in two-way radio sales, accessories, and applications. We offer two-way radio service maintenance, rentals, and engineering services for communication systems.

We are busy supporting hundreds of customers in a large variety of industries which include airlines, manufacturing companies, construction companies, automobile dealers, government entities, schools, casinos and more.

Our 3 locations in 2 states include Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska and Wichita, KS, each offering a wide variety of communication systems, services, and mobility solutions. With more than 40 years experience as a two-way radio equipment dealer, combined with over 300 years of combined professional experience, we bring you lower pricing than the competition without sacrificing quality.

Authorized Dealer

Motorola Platinum Channel PartnerWe are a Motorola Platinum Channel Partner, the highest level attainable, which means we have achieved the most specializations and grown our Motorola Solutions business most significantly.

We are a Motorola Premier Service Shop, which means our technical staff must maintain up-to-date educational credentials along with providing upstanding customer service.

Only 10% of Motorola dealers have this highest level of service status. This relationship represents the greatest level and interdependence by demonstrating consistent capabilities in performance, personnel, and commitment. You can benefit from our high-performance radios and mobility solutions.