Equipment Repair

Equipment Repair

Protecting Your Investment: Two-Way Radio Service, Maintenance, Installation

Seems things are always changing. You've expanded operations to a location across town or added more trucks to your fleet. Maybe your environment has changed in the form of new construction that just went up next door. And don't overlook the regular maintenance. These changes, and many more, can have an affect on the system you have in place. And trying to troubleshoot issues with reception and range isn't as simple as it appears.

Dead and poor-working equipment can render your investment a waste.

As a Motorola authorized Full-Service Repair Center for two-way radios, our trained technicians are available to make sure you always get the most from your investment by consistently updating skills and learning new ones.

Whether you're in need of upgraded communication systems, better GPS tracking solutions, or professional engineering services, we are just a phone call away.

Superior Services in Two-Way Radio

Contact the location nearest you for details and specific information about these services:

Two-Way Mobile, Portable and Repeater Repairs

Includes FCC and Motorola compliance settings, Radio installation/removal, Programming, Warranty Administration, Maintenance Contracts, OEM Parts, etc.

Two-Way Radio Installation

Includes Console Installation, Police unit, Under cover, K9, Fire, Ambulance, Over-the-Road equipment, Heavy equipment, Bus, Farm equipment, Intercom, Lighting and Siren Systems, Mobile tracking, etc.

Tower Work

Tower inspection, lighting, installation (limited in ht) and more.

Motorola Premier Service Partner (PSP)

The Motorola Premier Service Partner (PSP) is the highest level of service relationship. It represents the greatest level of Motorola Service Partner agreement and interdependence.

Premier Service Partners are the cream of the crop of Motorola Authorized Dealers.

Motorola Service Partners who attain this level have demonstrated consistent capabilities in performance, personnel and commitment to Motorola products and services.