GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Introducing Our New Real-Time GPS Tracking

FirstWireless is excited to introduce a new solution for effective real-time tracking of vehicles, people, and assets! In combination with Motorola's MOTOTRBO radios, our Street Trek server will allow you to:

  • Track Your Fleet
  • Know Where Your Vehicles Have Been
  • Solve Billing Disputes & More!

With this simple and intuitive software, no training is required. All programs are customizable to your specific needs.

Key Features of GPS Tracking:

  • Easy Map Navigation Tracks More than 1 Individual Asset at a Time
  • Customizable—Create As Many Map Windows As You Require
  • Create Your Own Graphics or Use Our Library
  • Complete Vehicle History Allows Playback of Vehicle’s Past Route
  • Printable Reports with on-Screen Preview
  • Reduces Radio Communication Traffic & Dispatcher Frustration by Knowing Instantly Where Your Vehicles Are

The Power of Motorola Technology

The MOTOTRBO 2-way radio models that can be used with StreetTrek are XPR6550 portables and XPR4550 mobiles. StreetTrek Server also processes MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Data. Furthermore, GPS tracking units such as Voice Airtime Only, GPS Tracking Only, and Voice Airtime + GPS Tracking allow for low-cost airtime options to fit the needs of your company.

Request a free demo of our latest GPS tracking programs by contacting us today!